It all started when...

God instructed Moses to write down His very words. In Psalm 119, the longest verse in the bible, we see 172 references of knowing, remembering and living by God's words. However the first step of "remembering" is to know, in order to know we must first read! Then the hardest and final step is abiding or living a life obedient to God's Word - the Bible.

Here are some alarming facts;

  • According to a recent Vatican release, Italy has the 2nd lowest Bible literacy rate in all of Europe.
  • In a survey 73% of Italians said they hadn't even looked up a single verse in the Bible in the prior year...yes only one single verse.
  • Most Italians have never read the Bible in their entire life, nor did their parents or grand parents. 
  • But these facts are not just indicative of Italians, more and more we see the Bible is left unread throughout the world.

We have a clear initiative;

  1. We are committed to translate effective Bible study and training tools into the Italian language. (it's been our experience that only 1 out of 10 Italians can read English at any proficiency and there are few tools available in Italian language) 

  2. Our goal is to train & equip "read the Bible" champions in all of Italy's 20 regions by the year 2020.
  3. We will work with our partners to continue to provide additional tools and encourage our "read the Bible" champions to lead others to develop a lifestyle of studying the Scriptures (Bible), just as Jesus did.
  4. We expect these trainers to identify, train and equip faithful "read the Bible" study facilitators in at least 120 churches by the year 2022.
  5. Through this initiative we believe tens of thousands and even 100's of thousands Italians will read, study and learn about the Bible for the very first time!

We have observed,  the believer who knows the Bible, lives a life obedient to the Bible and teaches others to do the same with the Bible is carrying out the Great Commission; REACH, TEACH and EQUIP! 

Watch the short video below to learn more about "the Bible Project".