"Transforming culture, especially one as rich and storied as the Italian culture, takes the patience of Job, the wisdom of Solomon and the insights of Paul. Jeff and Gloria have been very patient, used wisdom to build relationships and applied insights of the Spirit to lead them on this remarkable journey. The fruit of this work is now evident and worthy of our investment of prayers and resources. Soon they will be ready for each of us to join them on short term (and longer term) mission trips in a place steeped in Christian history, but now filled with people needing to know Christ." ~ Dr. Jack Schmit, PhD ED

"Jeff & Gloria Canada are leaders of leaders. They have a passion to train this generation to become leaders in their communities for the purpose of bringing transformation. They are committed, faithful and loyal to call of God to teach character education and lead by example. The Canada's have inspired, influenced and challenged us to have a growth mind set that says, we can do it!  If your organization, church or ministry needs good leadership teaching & training, I recommend you invite the Canada's." ~ Tom Bauer, founder of Surfing The Nations

"We have been impressed with Jeff and Gloria's willingness to leave their home and family to answer the call to serve the Lord in Italy.  They were formerly members of our church congregation, and the Hillcrest Christian Church supports them on a monthly basis. They have done much traveling and made many contacts with Christians in Italy.  They have also been active in training young students in Christian discipleship.  They are planning a new focus for their ministry when they return to Italy in September.  We understand they will be helping develop a training center for more effective discipleship training there.  We know they are committed to the Lord and are worthy of our support, and we would encourage others to partner with them in this ministry venture. " ~ Pastor Charlie and Karen Scott, Bedford, Indiana

"I was privilege to meet Jeff, God used him in my life to be an effective disciple maker , He taught me the life and the method of Jesus and he mobilize me to accomplish the great commission every day of my life!" ~ Stefano Longo, 

“I have witnessed for over 25 years the love and commitment Jeff and Gloria have for the call to “Go and make disciples.”  Their progression from local activities to an international calling has been a consistent progression. During my visits to Italy to serve with Jeff and Gloria I have witnessed the hand of God. I have seen their initiatives taking root,  I’ve seen the fruit of their labor and the Spirit working.  Through provisions inspired by God there will be lasting fruit.” ~ Dr. Stephen Connor, LhD

"Jeff Canada is one of the most influential leaders I have met today. His influence comes not that solely of a vision for the furtherance of an organization, business, or program. His creative teaching and leading styles come from that of a genuine care and concern for those he works with.  Holding the best in mind for all parties involved sets Jeff at liberty to creatively think and problem solve in a way other leaders stop short. I have personally worked with him in the States and on foreign soil for the past 3 years. Mr. Canada will always go the extra mile for what matters most." ~ Andy Baumgartner, a former student