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Come and see!

Come and see!

Jeff & Gloria are driven by a passion to bridge the wisdom and experience from the past to the next generation of leaders. They are guided by the great commission and seek to be followers of Jesus Christ and model the life for others...this is their definition for "disciple making". Their vision is to shape cultures by encouraging people of influence to impact the macro arenas of Business, Education, Entertainment, Political, and Sport for Christ. 

Jeff's has a desire to see the "ancient" art of Apprenticeship revived and see a generation of life giving mentors who will impact the world and affect positive change for the world we live. Throughout his career Jeff has had the privilege to be mentored and serve as an apprentice to some of the great leaders of society. With a firm belief of passing on those values and principles to the next generation of leaders is the chief and most important act of leadership.  ~ see more on the "Art of Apprenticing"

Gloria's thoughts; "When we were first invited to Italy, I was willing to follow where we were being lead. Once arriving and having time to hear the call I began to realize without the mass migration of believers from Italy to the USA, I may not be a disciple for Christ today. The vacuum left here by the persecuted believers exodus, left those willing to compromise to raise the future generations. " 

Jeff has an extensive background in several leadership development efforts in the US and abroad. His experience with government, leading businesses and not-for-profit organizations have prepared him to impact emerging leaders with a broad range of experiences and passions. Jeff is nationally recognized as a leadership trainer in a variety of professional levels. Jeff seeks to create a movement of leadership multiplication in Italy and beyond. 

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I was privilege to meet Jeff, God used him in my life to be an effective disciple maker , He taught me the life and the method of Jesus and he mobilize me to accomplish the great commission every day of my life!
— Stefano Longo

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