Common sense verses Cultural sense

Common sense verses Cultural sense Have you lived in multiple regions of your home country? Have you lived in countries other than the place you were raised and educated?

When a person uses the term common sense to mean the normal action and reaction of people they know and associate themselves with what they truly are referring to is cultural sense.

Cultural approval and expectations are limited to very small regions. No matter the geographic size of a country they have cultural regions. Your town also is likely to have cultural regions.

The largest influence of cultural differences is the value placed on human value.

It is a hard and fast separation between cultures when they disagree on the value of human life. In the majority of the world individuals have little respect for the life of others, even their own family members. Often using children as bargaining pieces to be sold or used as slaves of every kind, eaten as needed, and simply put to death when they are found to not be of value to the parent. The treatment deteriorates when an individual is owned by the purchaser.

You are fortunate if you have been raised in a 1st world country where life has more value, supported by laws holding people accountable for their treatment of others. You should not assume when meeting people raised in different cultures that they have the same value attachment to life or the respect of people as you do. Do not assume the words they use hold the same value you associate with that same word.

You will do yourself a great service to study other cultures for the purpose of understanding how they value life. Why they value life in the manner they do.

Gloria D Canada Living in a multicultural world 21 September 2016