Running from shadows

Tonight as I was taking a late walk I notice two shadows, actually three but I knew one was mine, so I started walking faster. Now I know what you are thinking...Jeff running in fear, well sometimes yes. But not tonight, Gloria and many of you will attest I am a wee bit competitive; maybe a wee bit is an understatement! Many times when I am walking and someone comes up behind me I automatically speed up, I would like to say subconsciously, but that isn't the truth. I simply don't like to be passed, so I walk faster trying to stay ahead.

Well, lets go back to the fear factor, this is what came to mind after i realized that there was no one behind me. Yes, that's right all three of those "fearsome" shadows where me! Because of the lighting I was lead by one and followed by two. Then I thought how in life sometimes I fear what isn't there. What I mean by that is when I doubt, it leads to fear. But, if I believe God's word those "shadows of fear" are just that, nothing just a figment of imagination. Yes many times I have ran from shadows, sometimes in fear and other times just trying to stay ahead, both are quite foolish.

You know we all quote the "great commission" often, sometimes we simply summarize by saying "go make disciples" or "go baptize and teach them to obey" , but rarely do we see it summarized by the last few words, in fact most times they are omitted. "I am with you always, even to the end of the ages.", if we truly believe Jesus's words then why do we fear. We hear the quote often, "If He is with us who can come against us", Romans 8:31...then what do we have to fear, yes only fear itself.

I've learned a lot about fear over these past three months. The most important is I had nothing to fear, but fear itself (a famous FDR quote). Gloria and I have faced several medical challenges over these past months, and admittedly they caused me a lot of fear each time. But each time God clearly spoke to me, "see I told you, do not fear". I found that I was running from shadows that didn't exist, namely fear. If you have been around me much, I am confident that you have heard me utter the great quote from Sir Winston Churchill; "Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result." If we believe Matt 28:20, then the enemy shoots at us with no effect!