Disciple Making is the full-orbed process of seeing people come to faith in Christ, grow in Him, and then being equipped to go back and help others repeat this process. Disciple Making is more than discipleship... which usually defines how to help believers grow. While many terms can describe the Disciple Making process, we have chosen three biblical phrases to define it: "winning the lost" (I Cor 9:19), "growing the believer" (Col 2:6-7), and equipping the worker (Eph 4:12). 

These three priorities are also reflected in the Great Commission with the participial phrases of "going", "baptizing", and "teaching to obey"... all a part of the command of "making disciples of all nations". 

Jesus also reflected these priorities by modeling a process of developing fully trained disciples by challenging them to "come and see" (evangelism), "follow Me" (discipleship), and "I will make you fishers of men" (equipping). 

Disciple Making is not complicated... it is a relational process of helping people to "follow Jesus". It is recognizing that people are at different stages of spiritual development and then responding appropriately. It is building a ministry that does the same. 

But Disciple Making is also a life-long process of becoming more like Him and helping others do the same. Because we are seeking to become like Jesus, and not just a set curriculum, this is an ever deepening process. It is an ongoing process of "abiding in the vine" and allowing Him to bear fruit through us. 

Developing a Disciple Making ministry involves looking at both the process and product of what Jesus developed. Understanding the process Jesus modeled is extremely helpful in developing a healthy balanced movement of multiplying disciples. We understand this as good Christology. 

Clearly, at the end of His ministry, in multiple ways... Jesus said "do what I have done" (John 14:12), "walk as I have walked" (I John 2:6), and "follow my example" (John 13:15). To the degree in which we follow the pattern of Christ, is the degree in which we will see a movement of multiplying disciples.