What's next?

As most of you know the Canada's had a life changing event. They see God's hand daily in their life, through what many would term a "tragedy", they have seen many opportunities to build relationships and be the light. They continue to see God shaping not just their lives, but also the ministry He has called them to. If you want to here more details with their challenges with cancer, you can visit Gloria's blog; https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/gloriajourney.

In the month of March, Jeff and Steve will have busy schedules. Jeff will be returning to Italy to lead training events, while Steve, who is in Asia now, will be taking a group of IU football players to Haiti to serve and learn. Please keep these important journeys in your prayers, asking for open minds and hearts, as well as wisdom and strength for both Jeff and Steve.

These strategic missionary journeys are designed to serve local leaders, not just with man power but also to encourage and challenge these key global leaders that both Jeff and Steve have invested much of their time and resources over the past years.

The ministry in Italy continues to grow under indigenous leadership. New conversions, studies and leaders beginning to disciple new believers. Jeff's journey will include a "exploratory" seminar on disciple making in Parma. This is a collaborative effort between ORME Network and Progetto Archippo. Leaders Stefano and Francesco have worked long and hard to put this training together. Local church leaders are looking forward to engaging members in a disciple making lifestyle.  This is a exciting opportunity to see the movement of disciple making expand into another region in Italy.

Back to the north of Italy, Stefano and his team are forming 3 new discovery bible studies for pre-believers and new believers to delve into the life of Christ. The ministry is growing rapidly in the north, specifically in the Piemonte region. You may remember our goal is to see 20 growing ministries in all of Italy's 20 regions(states) by 2020. With exponential multiplication, it starts slow then explodes in to unmeasurable growth, just like the early church we see in the book of Acts. Keep up with the latest updates on Jeff's journey by following his blog, www.intleader.org/jeffsblog.

Steve will travel to Haiti with several football players, who he is discipling regularly. For a few of these emerging leaders it will be their first trip outside the US. This often will break preconceived notions or cause a paradigm shift for many first time travelers. They will learn the principles of servant leadership by practicing along side other servant leaders. Steve practices the Jesus Model by simply saying "do as I have done to you". Many of us have the tendency of looking at our own circumstances and see the problems or challenges as being a "Goliath", but when you see how many live outside of this country we discover how well we have life. For more information and updates on the SOI Haiti journey; www.sportsoutreach.com/haiti . 

We appreciate your support through prayers, finances and encouragement. Mission is a team sport, we do greater things together for His glory and Kingdom!


Steve is off to western Asia.

Please pray for Steve and the leaders he is serving in Pakistan. This region has been devastated in many ways; earthquakes, wars and economic...just to name a few! Please pray that these great leaders are able to reach a multitude that will build the movement in Pakistan and India. He will continue the training of leaders, encourage them and challenge them to invest in other emerging leaders in their communities and villiages.