Global Youth Initiatives - Equipping young leaders for movements of multiplication.

Jesus invested in young emerging leaders to create a movement of multiplying disciples. He then told His followers to “do what I have done” (John 14:12) and “make disciples of all nations” (Matt 28:19). For more about GYI, click HERE

Sports Outreach International - Helping you pioneer sports ministry: to build the church and impact your community. 

Inspire, train and equip Christian leaders, churches and organizations to live out their Kingdom commission - specifically in the amazing relational world of sport. For more about SOI, click HERE.

The Grain Games - Every kid in the world should have the opportunity to hear the redemption story of Christ.

The world is being devastated by a famine of God's word and--as with any kind of famine--it is the young who are being hit the hardest. Time is short and yet there is so much to be done before Christ returns. For more about Grain Games, click HERE.

Christian Associates (Communitas International) - Christian Associates has been working in Europe since the early 80’s, we create contemporary communities of faith that seek to bless and impact their context and demonstrate that following Jesus is a viable and positive answer to European secularism today.

Christianity in Europe is on the decline. Institutional churches are rapidly emptying out, churches are closing down — even Europe’s large church buildings are being converted to apartments, shopping centres and clubs. Fewer and fewer people are claiming Jesus as Lord. For more about CA, click HERE.