Training, coaching and mentoring emerging leaders in the Life of Christ.

Through our partnering organizations we will provide “training” in how Jesus created movements of multiplying disciples. We will then “coach” these emerging leaders in implementing Christ’s priorities into their own ministry context. And finally we will seek to identify proven multipliers and “mentor” these leaders into multiplying what God has built into their lives…completing and launching new movements of multiplying disciples for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.


As we come together as a member of the GYI movement, we are characterized by:

Life of Christ:

We are committed to model our ministries on the life of Jesus…creatively adapting its application to the local culture and context.

Through the Church:

We focus on the development of healthy local churches, who committed to making disciples through emerging leaders in their community.

Prayer & Holy Spirit:

We are committed to model and teach lives depending on the leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit.

Sustainable Native Leadership:

We are committed to investing in local native leaders who are readily reproducible in typical churches of that culture.

CHrist like Multipliers:

We are committed to modeling, building, reproducing, lives imitating Christ-like character and priorities.  

movements of multiplication:

Reproducing reproducers, a focus on seeing churches strengthened and movements multiplied.