Over 116,000 square miles, Italy is only slightly larger than the State of Arizona; yet its population is approximately 60,000,000 people.

There are 20 distinctive regions in Italy, in the American eyes they would look similar to states. Each has it's own subculture, government structure and sometimes dialect. CLICK HERE for more information. 

Few countries offer such a diversity of scenery, ranging from Alpine snow-capped peaks in the north, to the sun kissed coasts of the island of Sicily in the south.

High unemployment, inefficient government (55 different governments since WWII) corruption in high political ranks, and a heavy tax burden all contribute to the economic uncertainty of Italy.

The Need

Less than 1% of Italians are Evangelical and very few of them are born again Christians. Over 95% of the population is Roman Catholic. According to the latest Italian Census there are 500,000 Protestants. According to the Vatican only 5% Catholics are active in the church regularly. 

Of the more than 30,000 cities, towns and villages, less than 1,500 have an evangelical church or a missionary. There is only one evangelical missionary for every 200,000 people. 90% of all missionaries in Italy drop out within 4 years of service and never return.

All of the cults are growing in Italy. In the city of Rome, the largest Moslem mosque outside of an Arab country was recently constructed. The city of Turin hosts the largest satanic church in Europe. CLICK HERE for more additional information on the need of the Italian Church.


Many people have the tendency to believe that Italy is a Christian country, and thus, not in need of missionaries, but please, allow me to share a few facts with you.

Out of 57 million people in the country, only 0.4% of them claim to be born again Christians. In some of the provinces; Turin, Bologna, Florence, Perugia, etc. and Turin, that percentage is only 0.1%. Out of 2,500,000 people in the province, there are more or less 2500 born again people.

There are believed to be over 100.000 practicing sorcerers in the country, and the majority of the Italian people will visit them at one point or another in their lives. Some are so addicted to them that they will need to go every week, not knowing what they are getting into.

Unfortunately, either their religious teachers never told them anything, or they don't care enough to realize that they are falling more and more into the hands of the enemy. Yet, these same people are fearful of what their relatives and friends may say to them should they accept Christ in their hearts as their Savior and Lord!

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